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Photo Essay: 25 of the Coolest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Western Europe

In a segment full of well-visited historical as good as healthy sites, these have been some of a many appropriate which impressed UNESCO.

[Editor's note: I'm regulating a definition of "Western Europe" given by National Geographic (and Wikipedia). For some-more info upon these as good as a rest of a 900 World Heritage Sites around a globe, revisit a UNESCO website.]

Vernazza, Italy

1. Cinque Terre, Italy
The name refers to 5 small, cliffside towns strung along several miles of a Ligurian Coast, continuous by a hiking route as good as internal sight line. The area was also declared a inhabitant play ground in 1999. Pictured upon top of is Vernazza, a second-northernmost locale of a five.
Photo: rayced

Waterfall, Wengen

2. Jungfrau Region, Switzerland
This area is a many glaciated of Europes Alps as good as is named after a 4,150m (13,640ft) peak of Jungfrau. It is a single of a premier trekking as good as climbing destinations in Europe. The print upon top of shows a waterfall nearby a locale of Wengen, where a annual Lauberhorn Ski Races have been held.
Photo: *Lie

Colorful houses, Bergen

3. Bryggen, Norway
Bryggen is a name of a aged quay in a coastal city of Bergen. Its UNESCO worth lies in a rows of traditionally constructed as good as brightly colored wooden structures, dual of which have been shown above.
Photo: [carlo cravero]

Chteau de Chambord

4. Loire Valley, France
This river hollow was listed by UNESCO in 2000 for! a histo rical as good as architectural significance to France as good as a rest of Western Europe. The Chteau de Chambord, which is seen above, is a largest as good as many considerable structure in a region.
Photo: Michal Osmenda

Surtsey Island

5. Surtsey, Iceland
Surtsey is a volcanic island only south of a Icelandic mainland which didnt even exist until 1963, when an undersea eruption built up a square-mile landmass. Its never been peopled, so a like an unspoiled healthy laboratory.
Photo: michael clarke stuff

Stonehenge, solstice dawn

6. Stonehenge, England
Solstice brings a party to Stonehenge. For some-more quiet, conduct down a highway to a Avebury circle or alternative Neolithic mill sites in a area, all of which have been included in a UNESCO listing.
Photo: tarotastic

Assisi in panorama

7. Assisi, Italy
This central Italian town, seen here in scenery dominated by a Basilica of San Francesco, is a hearth of St. Francis, a enthusiast saint of animals as good as a environment. A formidable of Franciscan-related landmarks have up a World Heritage Site.
Photo: Roby Ferrari

Sitting upon a Giant's Causeway

8. Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland
Over 40,000 black basalt columns interlocked along a seashore of County Antrim gave climb to legends of an very old alley used by giants to move between Ireland as good as Scotland. Today, you only call it a unequivocally cool healthy phenomenon.
Photo: Qole Pejorian

Cordoba Mosque

9. Cordoba, Spain
Following a Moorish conquest of Spain, Cordoba was hyped as a metropolitan counterpart to Constantinople, Damascus, as good as Baghdad in a Muslim world. Much evidence of this story survives today, such as a Great Mosque, pictured above.
Photo: clspeace

Cologne skyline at dusk

10. Cologne, Germany
Colognes Gothic cathedral, which took some-more than 600 years to build, is a focus of a UNESCO site in this horse opera German city. It dominates a dusked skyline in a picture above.
Photo: PresleyJesus

Avignon Bridge

11. Avignon, France
The many appropriate good known sites in this very old French city have been a Papal Palace, a Episcopal Ensemble, as good as a 12th-century mill bridge, seen here at a behind of a field of lavender blossoms.
Photo: myhsu

Gondolas, Venice

12. Venice, Italy
From a UNESCO site: Founded in a 5th century as good as widespread over 118 tiny islands, Venice became a vital nautical energy in a 10th century. The whole city is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece in which even a smallest office building contains works by some of a worlds greatest artists
Photo: Flackjack

Skellig Michael

13. Skellig Michael, Ireland
This island, 12km off a southwest seashore of Ireland, was used as a friar getaway for Irish Christian monks starting in a 7th century.! Its a t ough place to get to, so even yet a been upon a UNESCO books since 1996, it sees few visitors apart from puffins.
Photo: regienbb

Historic Brugge

14. Brugge, Belgium
The story of Brugge goes behind to Gothic times, as good as like many cities in a region, a complement of canals has earned it a nickname Venice of a North.
Photo: Wolfgang Staudt

Roman as good as Gothic architecture, Evora

15. Evora, Portugal
Once a home of Portuguese kings, Evoras story goes behind many further, as demonstrated by a well-preserved Roman temple hull which mount in a city center.
Photo: PhillipC

Dorset cliffs

16. Dorset Coast, England
This Channel-facing seashore is lined with limestone cliffs displaying 180 million years of geologic history. Visitors can travel a length of a World Heritage Site around a South West Coast Path, as good as a beaches have been popular with surfers.
Photo: Cristiano Betta

Window carving at a Alhambra

17. Alhambra, Spain
The mill as good as wood carving work within a Alhambras main palace, a representation of which is shown above, is what struck me many during my visit.
Photo: bgrimmni

Kronborg Castle HDR

18. Kronborg Castle, Denmark
Sitting only opposite a sound from Sweden, this castle is better good known to English majors as Elsinore, a environment for Shakespea! res Haml et.
Photo: Bo47

Siena tower

19. Siena, Italy
Probably founded by a Etruscans several hundred years before Christ, Siena came into a own during Gothic times. The World Heritage Site includes a tower as good as diagonally opposite Piazza del Campo, which was recently featured in a James Bond flick Quantum of Solace.
Photo: PhillipC

Versailles gardens

20. Versailles, France
The Palace of Versailles as good as a exquisitely manicured gardens hosted a French royal court for opposite durations during a 18th as good as 19th centuries. These days, a flattering many a suburb of Paris.
Photo: Panoramas


21. Western Fjords, Norway
Geirangerfjord (shown above) as good as Nryfjord have been considered as archetypical fjord landscapes as good as between a many scenically outstanding anywhere, according to UNESCO. Their exceptional healthy beauty is derived from their narrow as good as steep-sided crystalline rock walls which climb up to 1,400 m from a Norwegian Sea as good as extend 500 m below sea level.
Photo: LeonDolman

Northern lights, Iceland

22. ingvellir National Park, Iceland
Icelands initial inhabitant play ground is right away a single of a many visited tourist attractions. It includes a rift hollow which outlines a corner of a tectonic Mid-Atlantic Ridge, as good as is obviously a nice place to locate a Northern Lights.
Photo: Danel rn

Harlech Castle

23. Gwynedd castles, Wales
The castles as good as alternative fortified Gothic structures upon a northern seashore of Wales have been good preserved as good as severely fun to climb around. Pictured upon top of is Harlech Castle.
Photo: clspeace

Rhine cruise

24. Rhine Valley, Germany
Their have been copiousness of castles as good as alternative hull all along a Rhine, but a Upper Middle Valley is a territory designated as World Heritage material. The shot upon top of was taken upon a journey from Koblenz to Bingen.
Photo: Dave-F

Schokland window

25. Schokland, Netherlands
Once a peninsula, then an island, as good as right away a peninsula again, Schokland has always existed at a mercy of a Dutch floodwaters. Human allotment was deserted in 1859, so a area right away offers a well-preserved demeanour into a past.
Photo: FaceMePLS

MatadorU Travel Photography Program

MatadorUs Travel Photography Program gives you direct feedback upon your work, as good as lifetime entrance to a many supportive, dynamic, as good as fun village of Travel Writers, Travel Photographers, as good as New Media Professionals upon a web.

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The Season Ep. 1

Climb, bike, kayak, carve as well as explore with a athletes from The Season, one of a best outside sports video series online.


The Season follows a travails as well as triumphs of tip athletes in a realms of kayaking, towering biking, climbing as well as bouldering, bringing us tales from a river, mountain, trail as well as a edge of a human spirit. What is your favorite season? What defines a deteriorate to you? A sport, a weather, a calendar? Is a deteriorate something that we live in or does it live in you?


Fitz Cahall as well as Bryan Smith

Risky Business: A How-To Guide For Getting Into Trouble

Photo: Orangeadnan

As the follow up to breaking away from the goal prison, Daniel Harbecke explores the art of creative trouble.

Princess Buttercup: You ridicule my pain!
Man in Black: Life is pain, Highness! Anyone who says otherwise is offered something.
From The Princess Bride

Theres the lot of mileage upon the old tire there have been no guarantees in life, even though the not true. There is one: we dont get out of it alive (taxes were once deliberate an additional certainty, though which seems to vary nowadays by how most the party in office likes your income bracket).

Its easier, in most ways, for most of us to assume reason up is the random mess of happenings than to accept the dizzying freedom we have within it. From which perspective, the citation becomes simple: avoid the pain of confusion by artificially tying the choices simply follow along, as well as NEVER go off the usual path.

In most the same proceed we belong to goals not indispensably of the choosing, we set about making reason up as risk-free as possible. And, since theres nothing so tellurian as overdoing the great thing, we gradually erase the indeterminate quality which gives reason up the flavor. We react to anything unique to the knowledge not with consternation or greeting, though with terror.

The complaint with this is which we stagnate over time. Life becomes safe, managed, as well as convenient. Everything about the identities as well as situations turn obvious, as well as in the end, even the guarantees we lack in reason up have been guaranteed.

We cannot lure predestine without in the future getting scorched by it. Ana Veciana-Suarez

As far as we can tell, most people demand release from the monotony of the hollowed-out life, though have been fearful to put themselves during risk. Speaking from an untried inner voice goes opposite years of infor! mative t raining. In breaking from the herd, reason up becomes an aspiring gamble there is real detriment as well as isolation when chance enters the design again. So how do we engage in not just risk, though productive risk?

To write an direction guide for bearing to risk would better the own purpose. However, just as reason up possesses the hidden guarantees, risk also has the probable traits the first one, of course, is danger. While preference as well as acceptance of risk have been an fundamental partial of life, the small ventures will fundamentally fail.

Choose your risks as wisely as possible.

1. Real risk is not about danger it is about meaning.

You benefit strength, courage as well as certainty by every knowledge in which we unequivocally stop to look fright in the face. You have been means to contend to yourself, we have lived through this horror. we can take the subsequent thing which comes along. You contingency do the
thing we consider we cannot do. Eleanor Roosevelt

The merit of risk is not found in the severity of danger or sacrifice. It is in the willingness to pursue the worth to the end. Period. This is the highly personal decision which no one can have for an additional chairman the preference as well as consequences rest with the gambler.

Photo: Zaqqy J. | so sorry! busy, no need to comment

2. Never choose the risk we cant compensate for.

Borrow difficulty for yourself, if thats your nature, though dont lend it to your neighbors. Rudyard Kipling

Taking the risk means mouth-watering danger which formerly existed usually in potential. For this reason, it is reprobate to discredit others in the chances we take.

3. Adventure is everywhere.

Any time we slice the salami, we take the risk. Andy Warhol

Risk involves variable levels of danger, as well as profit, as well as one neednt go to t! he ends of the planet to create the brand new possibility. It takes very small to venture off the usual path not to discuss upset people who dont assimilate the how or why.

4. Risky ventures have been not the same as forward ventures.

Any of us can cause repairs as well as hurt ourselves for the great cause though the great approach. True risk involves the careful weighing of price versus gain, as well as the required investments.

The First Law of Wing Walking: Never leave go of what youve got reason of until youve got reason of something else.

Interview with Travel Video Guru David Adams

An inquisitive journalist, documentary filmmaker, as good as radio host, David Adams has retraced a voyages of Jason as good as a Argonauts, wanted for a Ark of a Covenant in Ethiopia, sought a Disk of a Sun in Peru as good as followed a final footsteps of Butch Cassidy as good as a Sundance Kid in Bolivia for his 13 part Discovery Network array Journeys to a Ends of a Earth.

Image: David Adams Films

I CAUGHT UP with David as he gears up to recover his brand new project Oxus: Riddles of an Ancient River a speed in to Afghanistan to examine a mysteries of a fabled Oxus stream as good as a evidence of cataclysmic meridian change in ages past.

Myself, MatadorTV intern Eric Warren as good as village part of Dustin Johnson asked assorted questions.

But first, some contribution upon David Adams:

*First outing abroad: 9 year aged PNG Sepik River, Mt Hagan, Lae, Goroka Port Morsby
*Favorite books: Kim Rudyard Kipling / Eastern Approaches Fitzroy McLean
*Most memorable destination: The Wakhan, Afghanistan
*Last strain listened to: Burn Your Name Powderfinger
*Favorite chronological period: Bronze Age
*Heros: Plato, Mandella, Zheng He, Jim Corbet, Richard Burton (not a actor) as good as of march Ghandi

Dustin Johnson: How do we acquire all of a background information upon a areas we visit? Books, internal people, archives, internet, magazines? Do we investigate while upon your adventures?

DA : I lend towards to be drawn to places that I have studied or have been intrigued by as good as then investigate as deeply as possible before I travel.

In all of a places we have been, where have been a Western perceptions of a people a most discordant to a being of those people?

Afghanistan, a Islamic universe in general, a perception of a 3rd world; a direction, needs as good as what it requ! ires fro m a West!

Eric Warren: History as good as mythology seem to be a vital inspiration upon your travel video work. What was a inspiration upon your first genuine travel destination, as good as how did that evolve in to what youre we do now?

I trafficked to PNG with my parents when I was 9 (1973) as good as became aware of a very opposite world, mostly enlightened by my parents, their passion as good as their pleasure in educating me about a a very old / pick universe that they reputable deeply.

When youve been roving in a footsteps of some chronological figure or event, what was a discovery youve done that really surprised you?

TS Elliot can most appropriate answer this ..

We shall not stop from exploration
And a finish of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know a place for a first time.

Through a unknown, unremembered gate
When a final of earth left to discover
Is that which was a beginning;
At a source of a longest stream

Adams sails by dhow from Lamu to Zanzibar, stopping off upon a beaches upon East Africa to haggle as good as barter for his sea passage. Sinbad lives again!

Joshywashington: What kind of a organisation do we work with?

Generally up to five, over a final 3 years in Afghanistan only a camera male as good as myself as more than a single car poses problems.

Does your organisation also have to be good roving partners as good as have been they as brave as you?

DA : The most important thing is to be able to get upon well, sell creatively as good as laugh a lot. Greg Nelson is a Director of Photography I have worked with for a final 5 years as good as he is far reduction fazed about goings upon than I will ever be!

What journey is during a top of your bucket list?

DA : Searching for, discovering, preserving as good as expanding a final fragments of wildness!

Communi! ty Conne ction

Look for a debut of Oxus: Riddles of an Ancient River in a few reduced months as good as in a duration keep up with Adams as good as his organisation during MatadorTV.

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Brush with Fame: Scarlett Johansson in Puerto Rico

Johannson from Lost in Translation: Parn

Oh my God, your boobs are SO much bigger upon screen!

I was in a lavatory with Scarlett Johansson during Marmalade in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Restaurant as well as bar staff had skilfully fended off a queries of extraordinary patronsIs it really her?and usually a single woman had slipped past a velvet curtain separating a quiet, in isolation table from a loud lounge where people came to see as well as be seen.

In a bathroom, though, all bets were off. The rank as well as file know which even celebrities have to pee, as well as a harpies were lying in wait. Scarlett laughed off a follower criticism as we rolled my eyes as well as muttered Que sin verguenza underneath my breath.

Its droll how luminary changes things. If people had seen her during Pueblo, a internal supermarket, not knowing it was her, theyd have thought she was a kooka woman ready to go in incompatible clothes, cheap-looking sunglasses, as well as a camouflage hat buying an inordinate amount of junk food. All she needed was a fanny pack.

The actuality which we was with Scarlett was similar to most things in life: a multiple of luck as well as timing. Friends who owned a guest house asked my father if he had 8 days accessible in September to offer his in isolation cook services to a single of their guests. We were more excited by a prospect of 8 days of work than a actuality which she was a guest; conjunction of us has ever been luminary obsessed.

The cook during play in Puerto Rico: Julie Schwietert

The week was relatively easy. Scarlett was a laid back, easily confident client, anxious with everything Francisco made. She was down-to-earth, funny, honest, as well as unpretentious. And she was incredibly! graciou s even when people pronounced dumb things about her boobs.

San Juan is a small city. In a weeks following Scarletts visit, we were stopped repeatedly in a travel by people who wanted to ask questions about her. How did we know her? What was she like? What did she eat? Did we take photos of her? And upon as well as on. People who hadnt cared a single quick mind about us prior to were suddenly tripping over themselves to be a friends. If we knew Scarlettyour friend, people called herthen who else did we know?

How do we live similar to this? Id asked Scarlett after a follower remark. Seriously. Weve been out for an hour, as well as Im going out of my fucking mind. But we live similar to this.

Yeah, she said. we only try to be nice.

Community Connection

Brush With Fame wants your story, too. Or if youd prefer only to continue gawking, read a total series in a archives.

Or is it more Puerto Rico youre after? Read all about a politics, places to eat, drive, see, drink as well as anything else we might wish to know upon MatadorNetworks Puerto Rico Focus Page.

Heart of Madness: How Burning Man Becomes Your Home

Burning Man statue

Photo by Anya_

Only by letting go of what you think you want as well as where you have been can you find where you truly need to be.

Last year, you hitched a float with Vanessa during Trader Joes. After hours of people claiming they had no room in their vans, trucks as well as RVs, she done room in her two-door hatchback for me.

Last year, you recoiled when greeted during a front gates with a robust Welcome Home! This was not my home.

Vanessa dropped me off somewhere nearby a coordinates of my stay usually as a dirt charge began. you outlayed hours wandering around. you stumbled in to Center Camp, surrounded by naked people, music, as well as alternative loud noises. But a dirt blowing by done my eyes bake as well as you couldnt see. It was already dim when you found my camp.


Burning Man bikes in duststorm

Photo by *christopher*

This year you gathering myself as well as Chris, whom Id found during Walmart in need of a ride. you wanted to assistance move someone to bake as Vanessa had helped me.

We done room in a truck lent to me by unbelievably generous cousins: people who have never been to Burning Man as well as probably never will, though who already live a core of what Burning Man means. Rely upon yourself. Give to others.

This time, which which used to feel bizarre was normal. you knew where you was as well as where to go. What took hours final year took minutes, as well as you found my stay immediately. you hugged everybody hello, filled a water, afterwards ate a bit prior to removing to work building shade structures as well as environment up tents. Just as you finished, rain poured down, followed by a double rainbow surrounding a complete city.

Bur! ning Mad ness

That night, Center camp. Klezmer song played upon a stage whilst a lady lonesome in sparkly immature body paint massaged a man in zero though boots as well as hairy cat ears tied organisation to his conduct by an uncomfortable-looking chinstrap.

In a center of a center, people slid across puddles upon wet plastic covering a floor. Pasties for your nipples, you heard Pastie Dan contend somewhere in a background.

Scary Burning Man costume

Photo by Tanais Fox


Absorbed, you walked by as well as out in to a night as well as hopped upon my bike to conduct towards a Man. you moved quickly, loving a wind as well as a cold of a night, as well as stopped usually once during a Hug Snack stop to order a Cinnamon Twist.

I lined up, holding hands with several others. We wound ourselves in to a caracol, held tight, hugged, afterwards spun out in to people again, each going somewhere else.

Later, during a Temple, a counterpoint of assent to all a madness, you read what others wrote upon a walls. Words of things you have, things you want as well as things you no longer need.

In a stretch you saw an electric fish in motion a playa, blasting Michael Jackson whilst carrying fire dancers in its large iron maw. Somewhere, from a outdoor reaches of a city, a gong bellowed out, sending rivulets of receptive to advice across a dust.

Last year, you resisted. This year, you embraced.

I adore not meaningful what to think, where to demeanour subsequent or how to appreciate my senses. No, you hunger for it.

20 Odd Vending Machines Around The World

Move over peanut M&Ms, from boiled duck to tomatoes as well as bananas, these vending machines take practical to new levels.Vending Machine

1. Flowers Japan
Just in box we forgot your mums birthday.Photo: katclay

Vending Machine

2. Books upon internal enlightenment Germany
This vending appurtenance carries, between many alternative things, the tiny book for the Euro. Culture now in the vending machines.Photo: michiexile

Vending Machine

3. Hello Kitty Love Hotel Japan
In box we left your toys during homePhoto: the_toe_stubber

Vending Machine

4. Pocari Sweat Japan
I consternation what bottled sweat tastes like. Sprite maybe?Photo: Tamago Moffler

Vending Machine

5. Sky Mall Catalog Items USA
Who buys this stuff during airports?Photo: arvindgrover

Vending Machine

6. Single Cigarette Japan
I understand the pack of cigarettes, though the singular cigarette?Photo: gwydionwilliams

Vending Machine

7. Bananas Jap! an
Grab your daily portion of fruit upon the runPhoto: Jrim

Vending Machine

8. Hypodermic Needles Australia
The target is to assistance reduce hepatitis as well as HIV infection rates between drug users by on condition which safe injecting equipment.Photo: proimos

Vending Machine

9. Bling-bling USA
Get your bling upon during this vending machinePhoto: chrisdlugosz

Vending Machine

10. Groceries Japan
Yes, its the bag of tomatoes in there. It actually looks quite fresh so I suspect they swap these out daily, though theres something unsettling about shopping furnish from the appurtenance but being means to touch as well as feel it first.Photo: adrian8_8

Vending Machine

11. Video Camera Japan
Grab the video camera while we quench your thirstPhoto: ames sf

Vending Machine

12. Smart Car China
Why not? Photo: Li Song

Vending Machine

13. Last Minute Happy Time Supplies USA
Suspicious seeking appurtenance with usually condoms, Extra Strength Tylenol, as well as heat sticksHmmm Photo: MattHurst

Vending Machine

14. IKEA Spare Parts Canada
Now theres still goal of assembling the alternative 100+ pieces Photo: sillygwailo

Vending Machine

15. Eggs Japan
Apparently, we can find anything in the vending appurtenance in Japan. I found this tiny tent with the refrigerated vending machine. Each tiny compartment contained the bag of eggs, probably 10 or 12. Photo: JoshBerglund19

Vending Machine

16. Fried Chicken Japan
It has the built-in x-ray which cooks your food for 120 seconds before dispensing it. Photo: kalleboo

Vending Machine

17. Memory Cards United Kingdom
As long as we remember which type we need Photo: adactio

Vending Machine

18. Batteries Japan
Only nerds consider this is cool. Photo: randomidea. [Editor's note] Im the bonafide nerd as well as find this cool.

Vending Machine

19. Airport Security: Self Mailers United Kingdom
Now we no longer have to part with which $60 bottle of redolence during airfield security. Simply mail it behind to yourself Photo: Lars Plougmann

Vending Machine

20. Convenience Store of the Future Australia
Ironically, the arrangement reads which the appurtenance is Out of Order. Not really convenient. Photo: pfenwick

In alternative vending appurtenance news

The Hudson Hotel in New York has launched the vending appurtenance stocked with basic essentials for the luxists amongst us. The appurtenance includes engineer valuables as well as clothing, 24-carat gold handcuffs, the $8,000 print shoot with the luminary photographer, as well as the $10,000 Ferrari rental.

Read some-more over during The Luxist.

Vending Machine