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Our Favorite Trips Posts of 2010

Mexico ocean

Photo: Mathieu Young

Editor Hal Amen as well as novice Sarah Park revisit their a a single preferred calm of a year.

2010 WAS A MONSTER YEAR for Trips as well as a Matador tribe. Heres a little of a calm which did it for us, in no sold order:

Hals Faves

* Travel Guide to Hvar Island, Croatia
Chelsea Rudman put this tiny Croatian island upon my map. Theres no pretension of expertise here; she got bending up with Hvar by a Couchsurfing host, as well as right away shes hooking it up for a rest of us. And we wanna go.

I additionally unequivocally enjoyed a format we came up with for this a single first-person account interspersed with sidebar-esque travel tips applicable to what shes relating. It works, as well as Im going to pull for some-more during Trips 2011.

* 94 Days of Summer: What to Do in San Diego
The title says it all. Sarahs a San Diego native, as well as it shows. The square has a perfect brew of general-interest info, personal knowledge, as well as profanity.

Peggy's Cove lighthouse

Photo: epicxero

* Photo Essay: Portraits of Light from Mexicos Happy Coast
We tell a lot of photo essays during Trips, as well as we could easily have padded this list with them. But Mathieu Youngs captures from small-town coastal Mexico stranded in my mind some-more than all a others.

Check out a way he uses light, a way he snags moments. Aspiring travel photographers, heres a textbook.

* 3 Road Trips out of Halifax, Nova Scotia
This ones a cinch. we adore Carlo, we adore his writing, as well as we adore Nova Scotia. Ive biked dual of a three. Now we want to go back as well as do them all by car.

* Walking in to Ladonia
Dark horse pick? Maybe. we cant brand what touches me about this piece. Lad! onia see ms magical, a fairy tale. Its not so much which we want to go there right away some-more which its changed my conceptions of nation as well as place.

* How to Travel to Antarctica
How gauche to include my own content, we know. But this square was damn fun to investigate as well as has desirous a semi-serious desire to apply to NSF for a sponsored visit subsequent season. Well see.

Sarahs Faves

* Creativity Found: Hicksville Trailer Palace
JoAnna Haugens outing to Hicksville makes me want to reveal a weed chair, brew up a little Tang, as well as lay out upon a weed subsequent to my cosmetic flamingo. Exploring this bizarrely erotically appealing place by this square has desirous me to start a band we play a tambourine just to have a good excuse to rent their recording studio.

* Paris by Rollerblade
What can we say? Im a fool for Paris even some-more so when Im being taken by a city by a really unsteady Matt Scott upon wheels. This square was an journey in itself.

* Photo Essay: eighteen Natural Wonders of a USA
I cant compose a list of favorites but including during slightest a single of Hal Amens infamous photo essays. There have been multiform to select from, but this a single reminded me which we dont need to leave a country to see a little critical eye-candy.

Hubbard Glacier, Alaska /><p>Photo: <a target=Alan Vernon.

* 99 Ways to Use a Web to Travel Like a Ninja
One-stop selling here: this is probably a many useful square Ive ever seen upon Trips. we immediately bookmarked it, as well as know Ill be referring back to it often if nothing else but to admire which rad laser-eyed ninja during a tip of a page.

* Is Juneau, AK, Really Just a Little Drinking Town with a Fishing Problem?
Alaska has regularly been tall upon my list to check out. Matador co-founder Ross Bordens outing to Juneau has me meditative which! a touri st-less wintertime just competence be a best time to visit.

Community Content

What was YOUR a a single preferred calm of a year? If we dont tell us, we cant have sure we get some-more of it. Feliz 2011!

From The Editor: Digging Deep in 2011

6 AM Myspace shot in Bishop

As 2010 draws to a close, we demeanour behind during a prior 12 months during Matador Sports.

I wrote Matador Sports 2009 end-of-year summary during a small wooden desk in my room in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires. we had joined Matador as Sports initial editor which June; in 6 months, we had left from frantically cobbling together content by myself to working with a gifted group of interns, associate editors, as well as contributors. Matador Sports had evolved from a networks baby blog to a beautiful, inventive site which we still think is among a strongest sports mags online.

One year later, Matador Sports is still evolving. Besides yours truly as well as Lindi Horton, mSports first-ever intern, weve had a couple of gifted people stick upon a team: Morgan Leahy deBoer, a San Francisco-based transport bard as well as one of a many consistently cooperative people Ive ever worked with, as well as Benita Hussain, a multitalented writer, surfer, yogi, as well as sometimes-lawyer from New York.

Meanwhile, weve put up some of a strongest essay yet. We sat in upon a climbing film shoot as well as interviewed Gulf Coast surfers as well as anglers in a arise of a BP oil spill; we hopped in to a fighting ring in Thailand as well as schooled how to use yoga to climb, ski, as well as bike better.

In 2011, well be digging even deeper as well as exploring brand new ways of moving as well as writing. As always, we goal youll come along for a ride, either as a contributor or a reader of Matador Sports.

Adam Roy
Editor, Matador Sports
Tel Aviv, Dec 2010

Twelve Months of Matador Sports

January:The Dakar: The Most Dangerous Race in a World?
February:Could Running Barefoot Be Good For You?
March:Behind a Scenes of Big UPs New Indoor Climbing Film
April: Everyone Wants to Watch a Foreigner Fight
May:Meet a 72-Year-Old Triathlete: Alpha Bennett
June:3 New-School Ways to Watch a World Cup
July:Surfers as well as Sport Anglers Speak Out upon BP Oil Spill
August:Women Rank Rock Climbing as a Sexiest Sport
September:Spot-Fixing: Crickets New Way to Cheat
October:mSports Potluck: Fall Food for Active People
November:6 Yoga Poses for Skiers
December:The Surf Board as Memory Stick

How to Say Happy New Year in 40 Languages

Akranes graveyard, Photo: Atli Hararson. Feature photo: Eustaquio Santimano

According to Ethnologue, a world currently has 6,909 vital languages. Heres how to instruct someone a happy brand brand new year in 40 of them.

A-ELanguageSpellingPronunciation Afrikaans Gelukkige Nuwejaar gha-likkikga-neeva-yaarr (gh is a throat scraping gutreral sound)AlbanianGzuar Vitin e Rigu-zoo-ar vi-tin e riArabic sana saeedahAzerbaijaniYeni iliniz mbark ye-ni i-li-niz myu-ba-rack Bahasa melayuSelamat tahun baruselamat tahun baruBasqueUrte berri onerr-te berr-rri onBosniansretna nova godinasr-et-na no-va go-din-a Bulgarian sh-tast-liva No-va go-din-aCatalanFeli any noufe-LEES A-nee n-OuCebuano (Philippines)Mabungahong Bag-ong Tuig kaninyong tananma-boon-ga-hong bag-ong too-eeg kan-een-yong tan-anCzech astn nov rokSHTU-stnee NO-vee rrr-okDutchFijne oudejaarsavondfei-nee ow-de-yaarr-sa-vontEstonianHead uut aastathed oot ah-staht

Tbilisi, Photo: Vladimer Shioshvili

F-LLanguageSpellingPronunciationFarsi sale nou mobarakFilipinoManigong Bagong Taonmah-nee-gong bag-gong ta-onFrenchBonne Annebon a-nayGaelic (Scotland)Bliadhna mhath urbleenah vahth oohrGermanFrohes Neues Jahr / Gutes Neues Jahrfrohes neuyis yar / gutes neu-yis yarGreek kali chronyaGujarati saal mubarak (happy year)Hebrew shana tovaHindi nayye saal ki haardik shubh-kaam-nayenHungarianBoldog j vet / Bukbawl-dawg-uuy-aevet / boo-ayk Irish Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhuit / Bhliain nua ssta awh-tvleen fwee mm-hay-sheh gutchItalianBuon anno / Felice anno nuovoboo-on ah-nno / fae-lee-chae ah-nno noo-o-voJapaneseakemashite omedeto gozaimasu Korean seh heh bok mahn ee bahd euh sae yo

Singapore, Photo: Eustaquio Santimano

M-ZLanguageSpellingPronunciationMalteseIs Sena it -Tajbaiz sena it taybahMandarin Chinesexn nin kui l MaoriKia hari te tau houkia hari tay tau ho Polish Szczliwego Nowego Roku shch-eng-shlee-vego novego roku Portuguese Feliz Ano Novo feh-liz an-oh noh-voh Quechua Allin wata kachun qanpaq (singular) / Allin wata kachun qanqunapaq (plural) all-yin wa-ta ka-chun kan-pak / all-yin wa-ta ka-chun kan-koon-a-pak Romanian La Muli Ani laa mooltsi ani Russian s novim godom Spanish Feliz Ao Nuevo feh-liz an-yoh n-way-vo Thai aa-wat-dii pi-mai Turkish Mutlu yllar (happy year) / Yeni ylnz kutlu olsun (May your brand brand new year be celebrated) moot-loo yill-lar / yen-ee yill-uh-niz coot-loo ohl-son Urdu nayya saal mubarak Welsh blwyddyn newydd dda BLOOdhin NEHwidh dha

Community Connection

Do we know how to contend Happy New Year in any alternative languages? Share in a comment section below to get us closer to representing a worlds 6,000+ languages!

For more to get we in a New Years spirit, check out New Years Eve Fireworks Around a World or Brave New Travelers 100 New Years Resolutions for 2011.

Nights Out in South Africa: 5 Sexy Capetonian Haunts

Author as good as friend during Fork (this as good as all photos pleasantness of Claudio Silva unless otherwise noted).

Cape Town, South Africa was an attack upon my senses.

From the moment we stepped out of the Cape Town International Airport as good as in to the shining sunlight silhouetting Table Mountain, we knew which my stay here would be different.

I outlayed about five weeks there during the World Cup, as good as then the couple some-more days in late August prolonged after the crowds had left home. By no equates to decisive or exhaustive, the list below highlights five of the sexiest haunts in Cape Town, places where we can suffer the sundowner as good as welcome the night after the day good spent. They operation in location from noisy Long Street to Victoria Road in Camps Bay to the semi-residential Kloof Street.

Asoka Bar

Located upon Kloof St. next to the highly rated Saigon Restaurant, Asoka Bar is my the the single preferred club in Cape Town.

Startled seeking patron during Asoka. Photo: Kyknoord

Dimly illuminated as good as bustling, the decorated in the pan-Asian style which invokes India as good as Southeast Asia, as good as the feeling of assent as good as tranquility. At the core is an very old olive tree, rhetorical with wraparound Christmas lights beneath an open roof.

The cocktails have been exquisite. The bartenders will move we the potion which looks filled with something similar to the smoothie, finish with fresh fruit as good as herbs, though during initial sip youll note it contains the healthy dosage of alcohol. During weekends we found it very tough to get the table as good as decent service, though during weekday nights it seems similar to Asoka Bar is your own small secret. Keep an eye out for their liv! e jazz n ights, which customarily start midweek.

Fork Restaurant

When we think of Cape Town cuisine, tapas dont straightforwardly come to mind. But Fork will fast put which idea to rest. With the exposed territory walls, candle lighting as good as chilled, icy sangria, Fork is as close as we can get to Spain this side of the equator.

Its South African cook peppers the menu with local fare, together with kudu as good as ostrich meals as good as fresh mixture bought from the marketplace down the street; Forks cuisine is therefore the tasty assembly indicate in between Spain as good as South Africa. We sat in the restaurants the upper story territory as good as people-watched from the patio as we savored the scrumptious small plates.

Buena Vista Social Caf

Set in Greenpoint, Cape Town Stadiums home, Buena Vista Social Caf highlights Capetonianss infatuation with Cuba (there have been alternative Cuban-inspired venues in the city, such as Cape to Cuba as good as Cubaa).

Caipirinha during Buena Vista Social Caf

Its the select two-storey make up ornate with images of Che Guevara, as good as there is Cuban cigar fume wafting by the air. The cocktails as good as Latin-inspired menu have been delicious, as good as during the World Cup the ambience during diversion nights was electrifying.

It was here which we saw Brazil lose to the Netherlands amidst the sea of orange jerseys. This venue has free salsa lessons each Sunday, as good as when we step in to Buena Vista later which night as good as try to scheme your way in between laughing, good-looking salsa dancing couples, we competence as good be in Havana.

Caf Caprice

Camps Bay screams lush decadence. Its where Cape Towns jet set goes to play, as good as sometimes it feels some-more South Beach than Mother City.

Tightrope hiker during Camps Bay

The neighborhood runs to the single side expansive, sandy beaches, numerous palm trees as good as smart bars as good as restaurants; Camps Bay is also the environment for Caf Caprice, the grill by day as good as lively watering hole by night. we went there for lunch the single day expecting drab as good as uninspiring food though instead had the single of the most appropriate pasta meals of my life, overlooking the waves of the South Atlantic as good as approximate by glorious company.

Go there during night as good as the stage is voluptuous as good as lively, full of good ready to go Capetonians as good as foreigners alike.

The Waiting Room

There have been many clubs as good as bars upon Long Street, among them the regularly function Joburg, Pretoria, as good as Chrome (just off Long St).

But The Waiting Room offers something out of the ordinary. After going up the seemingly endless flight of steps we come in the dimly illuminated main room as good as the musty song engulfs you. The throng is immature as good as the dance building intimate. There have been gorgeous people sitting upon plush couches, the balcony overlooking the desire of Long Street, the DJ spinning upon the single dilemma as good as the small as good as swarming club upon the other.

The real warn in The Waiting Room is the upstairs, filled with some-more loungey areas as good as the roof tiles deck where the probable to have the decent review as good as the kiss or dual once we tire of the dancing downstairs.

Community Connection

Check out Matadors South Africa concentration page, which includes 5 Things to Do in Durban as good as more.

And check out Matador novice Richard Stuparts blog Where the Road Goes to see his photos as good as writings about his travels launched from his home bottom in South Africa.

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Joshywashingtons Favorite Travel Videos of 2010

This is for a ninjas with a cameras in their hands. Keep creating, keep reporting, keep exploring as well as stay curious.

MatadorTV is home to damn near 500 videos travelling genres from how-to instructionals as well as no budget backpacker media to professional productions. We have tried hard to try a broad brush of videos upon themes which have been critical to a traveler. we hesitate to have use of a moniker transport video since a videos arent so narrowly defined. Our goal is to celebrate a transport lifestyle; a curiosity, love of culture, nature, believe as well as a full of health lust for adventure.

I could have simply selected 100 videos which get me stoked about transport media as well as a people out there in a universe formulating it, yet for a tradition of tip 10 lists we reluctantly narrowed my focus.

I have selected videos which managed to elicit something in me. Vids which stirred an an emotion, which we related to somehow. Videos which desirous me, lulled me to illusion as well as spoke to my experience.

Thank you to each caucasian tribe who has contributed their media to MatadorTV.

2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010


A different take upon a question Where do you feel at home? Its not WHERE thats important, yet WHEN.

I unequivocally similar to a voice of this piece. It is very personal as well as speaks to a universal thesis in travel; where, when as well as since is home?

~ TAWOCHE 2K10 dispatches #1

Stateside climbers conduct to Nepal to visit sacred sites, climb angled peaks as well as teach immature Nepalese a art of mountain climbing.

Tight, engaging cinematography as well as an courtesy grabbing modifying style creates me love a Tawoche series. we am not usually drawn to leaving videos ( a inevitable packing as well as transport scenes ) yet this video keeps it unequivocally engaging ! as well as fresh. Has anybody else noticed which climbers shoot overwhelming video?


Climb, bike, kayak, carve as well as try with a athletes from The Season, a single of a best outside sports video array online.

The Season takes a docu-sport genre to intelligent, pleasing as well as thought inspiring places. Good sporting videos have a home upon TV since mostly a athletes have been interacting with massive views, brand brand new cultures, extreme climates as well as healthy beauty. They scale a walls a rest of us only look at. They fragment a plateau from a powder-topped limit as well as shoot a watercourse which scare us from a safety of a shore. The Season is my a the single preferred adventure competition video series.


Tour a universe in tiny with a looking potion perspective of tilt-shift photography

The captivating, god-like perspective which tilt shift achieves creates for an engaging take upon any since place. Cities have been shrunk to indication scale as well as a people scurry about similar to insects. we find this outcome to be magical.


Break free with a creators of Matador as well as Robin Esrock as well as discover ardent travelers living life according to their rules.

I am very proud as well as very stoked for a Matador organisation as well as a inspiring expats who created Breaking Free. This media projects heralds a brand brand new citation for Matador in formulating constrained content exploring a lives of travelers.


The extemporaneous collaboration of strangers in NYC creates a single of my a the single preferred videos of 2010 FREE BEATS. As a vlogger we can describe to a thrill of interacting with strangers to emanate a video together. we instruct some-more people would have videos similar to this one.


Welcome to Palolem, Goa where! cattle spawn a seaside as well as beauty can be found in each kindly breaking wave.

This is a single of a gorgeous, lulling illusion videos which have a edges of your vision go fuzzy. Sublime images which have armchair transport roughly as titillating as a real thing.


Dig into a mad universe of Indian transport food to a sounds of a didgeridoo.

The modifying of this square is crazy awesome. Focusing upon a kinetic scene unfolding as well as exploring a relations of people upon a transport of India, this video does everything right as well as gives a viewer a clarity of what it is similar to to be there. The didgeridoo is unequivocally cold too. Note to self, have use of some-more didgeridoo in videos!


Mr. E shoots video as a glow consumes a village.

The modifying is minimal, a exegesis is not constrained (the exercise of big glow is amusing though) yet this video gives me chills. That could have been any of us erratic around with a camera. The raw energy of this video as glow tears by a encampment is amazing. A good lesson to take from this is have your camera ready!

~ inTRANSIT 17

Peter sleeps in a jungle hostel, swims underneath hot open waterfalls, explores caves as well as cooking fresh-caught cave fish in Rio Dulce Guatemala.

we love this series. If we were creation a tip 10 list of ninjas we would similar to to transport with Peter would be right up there upon top. inTransit is funny, consistently entertaining as well as gives us a good story arch with solid production value. we would love some-more travelers to undertake a kind of joining which a array similar to this takes as well as essentially deliver. we am stoked to see what Peter comes up with next.


Earworms Mobile: Groove Along With a New Language

New iPhone app denunciation guidance array takes a low-pitched approach.

Prior to starting in isolation Portuguese lessons, we listened to Brazilian song obsessively for scarcely two years. we sang along, mimicking a sounds we heard as well as yelling na palma da mo! as well as carrying no thought what we was saying.

When we did start to essentially investigate a language, my clergyman was surprised. Your accent is perfect, she said. we suppose we owe a interjection to Daniela Mercury as well as Gilberto Gil for that. And as we learned some-more as well as began to have elementary conversations, listening to a same tunes became a brand brand new experience. It wasnt just which we started to recognize difference in a songs, though some-more a fulfilment which just listening to a song without actively trying to understand a difference finished denunciation guidance much, most easier.

So when we came opposite this description for Earworms Mobile, we knew they were upon to something:

earworms mbt Rapid Languages is a initial denunciation trainer to get your toe tapping. Simply by listening to these specially composed melodies with their rhythmic repetitions a couple of times, a receptive to advice patterns have been indelibly burnt in to your auditory cortex. You will have successfully learned a phrases as well as have a correct accent toll in your ears. Wherever we are, whatever we have been doing: In a car, whilst jogging, in a bath, we do a ironingyou can be guidance a denunciation during a same time!

The thought of using song to sense is ancient, as well as honestly a single we wished was used some-more often in schools. As an ESL teacher, we incorporated songs in to most lessons, especially with my kindergarten students. Its presumably a most appropriate apparatus for memorization. Consider which would be simpler for you; memorizing a poem, or song lyrics.

Whi! le we kn ew a concept was sound, we was extraordinary as to a methodology Earworms would use. Frankly, a couple of of a CDs we used in my Korean ESL classes had songs though were poorly finished (and irritating).

Earworms is neither. First, genuine instruments were used to jot down these tracks, which have a sort of mild, jazzy hip-hop vibe. For me, this is make-or-break. Id cite a dull textbook process for denunciation guidance if a usually alternative option were listening to cheesy synthesized tracks, though Earworms song is quite tasteful.

The lyrics, which have been of march a phrases as well as translations, were equally well done. When we initial described a concept of Earworms to my mom, she wondered either hearing a word sung a same way repeatedly would lead to diction problems (or some-more amusingly, either youd usually be able to contend a word in a sing-song way).

But thats not a case; whilst a phrases (both in a target denunciation as well as English) have been rather rhythmic, they arent melodic, as well as both speakers make use of opposite inflections as well as tones when repeating so we unequivocally hear how to contend a phrase, not sing it.

Earworms is targeted specifically during those who want to sense a elementary phrases indispensable when roving to a brand brand new place. In their words:

This is your presence kit of immediately utilitarian difference as well as phrases for your revisit abroad, attend a couple of times to be able to ask for a table in a restaurant, order food as well as drink, take a taxi, lease a car, buy tickets, understanding with money, numbers, times as well as days, ask for directions, understanding with typical problems, reason a elementary conversation as well as most more, all in a palm of your hand.

The price: $9.99

More than a podcast? Yes.

Worth it? For me, yes.

Heres why: we esse! ntially used it, as well as it worked. Other iPhone apps or podcasts which aim to teach these same elementary phrases have been a duty to attend to. My thoughts wanders as well as we miss stuff. When my thoughts wanders whilst listening to Earworms tracks, those phrases still hang in my head. Its similar to withdrawal a cafeteria as well as realizing which Single Ladies contingency have been playing. You werent actively listening, though its certain upon repeat in your thoughts now.

The app itself is also beautifully designed. Choose a single of a 10 marks upon a categorical menus wheel. Each lane has a subject focus (directions, numbers, food), as well as whilst its playing, a draft appears with a phrases taught in a song in written in both English as well as a target language. Each lane is between five as well as 10 minutes long, as well as a compositions have been opposite (meaning we arent listening to a same low-pitched double back for an hour).

This is to date a most appropriate app Ive come opposite for quickly guidance elementary phrases in a brand brand new language. Press fool around as well as attend to song whilst we run, walk a dog, shop, cook, whatever. With 13 languages to select from (and two volumes for Spanish), we rarely suggest deliberation Earworms if youre looking for foreign denunciation help.

Community Connection

For some-more denunciation resources, check out Matadors Focus upon Language Learning archive.

The Art of Practicing Vulnerability

vulnerable man

Photo: Paul Stevenson

If we dont open ourselves up, how can we design to grow?

I dont know what it is, though we feel similar to we can discuss it we anything. Im not routinely this talkative as well as open.

I explained to my new Haligonian* friend which whatever way we action around people, we give them permission to do a same. You wish to be a dickhead, then design to get dickheadedness in return. we select to be open. By being open, we entice others around me to be open. This is what she was experiencing. This is why she told me things she routinely wouldnt have.

Ive been meditative a lot about disadvantage lately. Its a subject which seems to have come to a forefront as well as its entrance from multiple unfriendly sources. For example, in a new yoga category my clergyman was deliberating being vulnerable. After category we chatted a bit some-more about disadvantage as well as she referred to a TED speak she watched, although couldnt recall who a orator was.

vulnerable baby

Photo: limaoscarjuliet

The next sunrise we perceived an email from a great friend with a couple to a speak which my yoga physical preparation instructor was telling me about. The importance of disadvantage is creation itself some-more clear.

Bren Brown upon vulnerability

The TED speak was a single by Dr. Bren Brown, a researcher who has been study a subject for 10 years. Over a six year period she picked up thousands of stories; data in a form of anecdotes, interviews, as well as focus groups. She found she could place a subjects in two groups: those with a clever sense of love as well as belonging, as well as those who onslaught with it. She discovered which those in a former organisation believed they were worthy of love! as well as belonging.

Courage comes from a latin cor, meaning heart. The strange clarification of courage was to discuss it a story of who we have been with your total heart.

Courage was a the single thing which these worthy subjects had in common. They fully embraced vulnerability. They described it as being fundamental. As Dr. Brown says, we live in a exposed world. The way we understanding with it is by numbing vulnerability. But she additionally goes upon to say which we cannot selectively numb emotions. When we numb disadvantage or contrition or fright or grief, we additionally numb alternative emotions similar to joy, happiness, as well as gratitude.

vulnerable yoga

Photo: mattymatt

Learning about disadvantage by yoga

As we continue along my spiritual journey, Im finding which all we do can be a embellishment for life. Travel is no longer an act; a fundamentals of travel acceptance, openness, preparation have been deputy of how we wish to live. Since starting a regular yoga practice, Ive additionally come to understand which yoga is a embellishment for life.

For me, a basis of yoga is vulnerability. To progress in yoga, we have to use vulnerability. From a physical standpoint, its compulsory to have an element of surrender in each pose.

To finish a holistic experience which is yoga, being exposed in a thoughts as well as heart is compulsory to progress spiritually. One of my instructors, Elissa Gumushel, had this to say:

Generally, we try to avoid disadvantage since it is innately uncomfortable, yet disadvantage is necessary. In fact, it is absolutely compulsory in order to live a full as well as gratifying life. In order to grow as well as pullulate in life, we must welcome vulnerability. To be exposed is to be courageous. Acceptance of disadvantage affirms a persons strength as well as capability to accept which a result compe! tence no t be what they goal for, which in turn affirms a routine as being a primary goal.

Vulnerability takes courage

We have been born exposed in to a exposed world. To strengthen ourselves from suffering as well as discomfort, we spend a large cube of a lives building defenses.

breaking walls

Photo: Claus Rebler

Fear drives us to set up these walls as well as fright keeps them strong. But those walls additionally keep out as well as hold in a love.

Connection is a basic tellurian need. Since Ive learned to be some-more open, Ive found it most simpler to have connectors with others. Even flitting connectors seeking a foreigner in a eyes as well as smiling can have a surpassing effect upon them as well as yourself. It takes disadvantage to indeed connect.

Take 2011 as an event to use your vulnerability. To be some-more open, some-more honest, some-more loving, as well as some-more thankful.

We shouldnt be frightened to be ourselves.

*A Haligonian is someone from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Community Connection

Got any stories from this year where your honesty led we to something we never would have imagined?

Bringing in the New Year at Great Canadian Heli Skiing

Of course, this is from 2010 brand new year, though what difference does it make? Ripping deep powder in British Columbia is a good way to start ANY brand new year!


As a brand new year approaches, receiving batch of a past year preoccupies many of us. Did we do everything we longed for to? Did we have all of a practice we could have had? Some people even get a unenviable task of wondering if they have been even we do what they have been passionate about in life. It is probable to shift thatto fit it all in or shift your hold up entirely. Just like heli-skiing, however, its a lot more work than we expect, though a rewards have been value a effort.


Jordan Manley

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Photo Essay: New Years Eve Fireworks Around the World

New Years events. Its a aristocrat is dead; long live a aristocrat jubilee of a end of a new year as well as a start of a subsequent one. So as a calendars shift over, here are 18 fireworks displays of past New Years Eves from around a world. Happy New Year!

1. Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Smoke fills a skies over Rio. For more: Twelve Ways to Experience Rio de Janiero Like a Carioca.
Photo: Murilo Porto

2. Marina Bay, Singapore
For more: Singapore on a Shoestring Budget.
Photo: Souvik_Prometure

3. London, England
If youve shelled out all your money on a club night for New Years Eve, (not advised, though we wont decider you) heres How To Enjoy London On $100 A Day.
Photo: Tanya Nagar

4. Helsinki, Finland
Fireworks above a city seen over a North Harbour towards a district of Katajanokka. For more: Budget Guide to Helsinki
Photo: taivasalla

5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
If youve got one of a worlds many lush hotels, a cruise shaped Burj Al Arab, we may as good chuck a fireworks show.
For more: Dubai additionally has The Worlds New Tallest Building.
Photo: Kareem M. Negm

6. St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
The fireworks arent a only fun to be had d! uring mi le-long Quidi Vidi Lake; theres Big Nature in St. Johns, Newfoundland.
Photo: django.malone

7. Sydney, Australia
The fireworks come from a important Harbour Bridge. Boats of all sizes line up in a harbour for a show, as well as final year, Liv Hambrett got to see a Fireworks On Sydney Harbour On New Years Eve.
Photo: doggiesrule04

8. Akranes, Iceland
A unique point of view of a celebration, a photo taken from a graveyard. For more: Photo Essay: Icelands Fire as well as Ice.
Photo: Atli Hararson

9. Taipei, Taiwan
Fireworks shooting from a Taipei 101 office building with opposite themes each year. For more: A Day in a Life of an Expat in Taipei, Taiwan.
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10 Useless Mobile Phone Accessories

Phone Accessory

Feature print by AZAdam. Other photos sourced from businessman sites.

While items such as headphones, automobile chargers, as well as carrying cases crop up to be required dungeon phone accessories, most other interrelated gadgets have been far from necessary.

Heres a list of controversial mobile accessories:

Griffin iTrip Auto for iPhone
Phone Accessory

Of all a useless mobile accessories upon this list, a Griffin iTrip Auto has a most potential. Connect it to your iPhone, plug it into your car, spin a air wave to a right frequency, as well as youre listening to your iTunes collection.

The locate is we have to be upon a air wave hire which isnt broadcasting music. Their iPhone app even includes an auto-tune underline to quickly find a right station. Perfect if youre driving by a Mojave Desert, however, when driving in as well as around cities, youre not expected to have most luck.

Odds have been which after profitable $69.99 as well as fiddling with your air wave for 10 minutes, youll possibly end up in a car-wreck or end up throwing it out a window.

Price: $69.99 | BUY.

Banana Phone Holder
Phone Accessory

Its beyond me because someone would select to have a banana phone hilt (unless their banana sex toy idea was rejected). It additionally begs a question: who buys a banana phone holder?

Imagine being during a celebration as well as rubbing up against someones banana phone holder.

Price: $10 | BUY


Unlike a Banana Phone Holder, a Aquapac actually has a creation of a unsentimental accessory. How most stories have we listened about someone dropping their phone in a pool?

Its not until we see a selling of a Aquapac which we comprehend how silly it is. Photos uncover people articulate upon their phone, which is inside a Aquapac.

At what indicate have been we going to need to speak upon your phone whilst its in a pack? While youre scuba diving?

The Aquapac comes with a warning which a inside of a pac can be scarcely sticky. However, to relieve your fears, we can download an Anti-Stickiness Insertion Device (according to a website).

I recommend skipping out upon $30 as well as a insertion device, as well as instead deposit in a Ziploc bag.

Price: $30 | BUY

Oakleys Bluetooth Sunglasses
Phone Accessory

There have been a little good things in a universe which simply shouldnt be put together. Fruitcake is a good example. Another example is a Bluetooth Sunglasses from Oakley.

Both Oakley as well as Bluetooth have a history of putting out a little products which aesthetically, only dont cut it. we mostly look silly enough, wearing sunglasses or a Bluetooth device.

I dont need a combination to intensify it.

Price: $349 | BUY

Phone Accessory

I dont know what is some-more disturbing: a invention of iBreath, or a actuality which Gizmodo called it a best iPod appendage ever. The appendage attaches to your iPod or iPhone, as well as lets we check your ethanol calm level.

Somehow, we only dont see someone checking their ethanol turn after every sip of drink until they strech a authorised limit. However, if youre not convinced, we can always c! hallenge a police military officer by comparing your Breathalyzer results to what his reads.

Price: $39 |BUY

Phone Shoulder Holster
Phone Accessory

Unless youre a wannabe Charlies Angel, we see this being some-more popular between men, than with women. When we hear a term holster, we substantially only think of a gun holster, which is only what this is, except we put your phone in it.

You could additionally surrogate a can of peppers mist for your phone.

Price: $39.95 | BUY

Payphone handset
Phone Accessory

Have we ever found yourself walking down a busy street, seen someone articulate upon a payphone, as well as said to yourself: Man, which only looks cool!?


Neither have I.

However, if we get kicks out of pretending youre articulate upon a payphone, we can buy a PayPhone handset for $65. Hook it up to a headphone jack of your dungeon phone as well as youre all set.

Price: $65 | BUY

Seat leather leather leather belt dungeon phone holder
Phone Accessory

If we feel disconnected because your phone feels too far away trustworthy to your hip, afterwards a chair leather leather leather belt dungeon phone hilt is for you.

As if people needed an additional distraction whilst driving, a chair leather leather leather belt dungeon phone hilt trustworthy to your chair leather leather leather belt literally puts your phone right by your heart whilst a chair leather leather leather belt is fastened.

I see this being some-more of a cool factor gadget. Something we can uncover off to your brand new date.

Price:! $19.95 | BUY

Flashing Cell Phone Pen
Phone Accessory

Calling all business professionals: Introducing a ultimate technology to have we feel similar to James Bond. Thanks to a flashing dungeon phone pen, youll never miss an additional call, but we could really lose out upon cool points.

If your phone is upon silent mode, a coop will begin flashing to rapt we of an incoming call. If which wasnt nerdy enough, it additionally has a underline to detect counterfeit money.

Price: $9.95 | BUY

Cell phone garter
Phone Accessory

Sorry guys, this a single is for a ladies. You substantially dont need any extras underneath a hood, but if we do, or if we only wish to feel similar to a womanlike superhero, afterwards a dungeon phone garter strap is for you.

Perfect for strippers, prostitutes, as well as go-go dancers, a dungeon phone garter for most may be a best of both worlds: sexy as well as practical. File this underneath a things we dont assimilate because women do.

Why innocently place your phone in your bra when we can some-more blatantly lift up your skirt to store your phone?

Price: $9.99 | BUY

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Trust Life: The Journey Begins Where the Road Ends

life is a blur

This year has been a blur, print by Neal.

This has been a single ruin of a year!

It feels like New Years Eve 2010 was distant some-more than usually a single year ago. Enough has happened to fill five.

Last year, we was in Israel this time. We couchsurfed in Zurich. we went to Burning Man, started guidance fire spinning with a staff as well as finally got my Argentine temperament card.

The really big news in my life, though, is my new baby. No, Im not pregnant. Im about to tighten upon a house here which will be a base of a new international humanities as well as education village center. This is a culmination of all a assorted odd jobs as well as experiences Ive had in my life. It is an enormous amount of work, though we speak here during Matador of living a dream as well as for me, this is it!

new years 2010

Photo by daveynin.

The Challenge of 2010

My biggest plea this year has been to sense calm as well as how not to be too trustworthy to any a single thought or outcome.

About a month as well as a half ago, we heard from The Big University who had concluded to account a humanities module which they longed for to put things upon hold. we asked if they had a time line for this hold. Nope. None during all.

It was quite frustrating to listen to this after modifying a original plan to fit their discipline as well as spending countless hours navigating a rather complex legal documents required for a US university to form an sell module with an Argentine university.

What Could we Do?

We altered direction. We went behind to a original plan. And we know what, Im most happier this way. Now, we work upon a own terms with artists, educators as well as organizations to create some! thing wi th no strings attached. No, we may not have a funding we want, though we have a most stronger, some-more cohesive as well as sparkling idea. We will find what we need.

Thus Im solemnly guidance how each citation we take in life has a benefits. When a single highway closes, forcing we onto an additional path, we will also find benefits in which direction. Better yet, what we find will be bigger, some-more beautiful as well as some-more fulfilling than trying to muscle your approach down a highway which has closed to you.


Just keep it together. Photo by Hello Turkey Toe

Could it all tumble through again? Yes. It might. we hope not, though if it does, which is usually Lifes approach of saying, Hey, try something else.

It All Works Out In The End

Not many people know this.

Im solemnly guidance how each citation we take in life has a benefits.

My first night during Burning Man, we sat in a Temple steeped in self-evaluation, entirely cognizant of a fact we had approach too most starting on. Our module with a university had taken over everything, as well as each day felt like a array of checklists as we ran from a single to a other, never reaching a end, never feeling rested, happy or complete.

Yet we was editor of Matador Life, a blog upon this network written to help people escape only what we was experiencing. we felt like a hypocrite. Thats when we decided we couldnt do it anymore.

When we came behind from Burning Man, we told Nick Rowlands, my illusory co-editor, we was leaving. You know what he pronounced to me? He pronounced it would be a contrition as well as a real detriment for Matador. Then he asked me what we could do as a group to convince me to stay.burning male temple

Photo by photofish12


I was touched. we have never, ever worked anywhere which people have cared enough about my presence to make changes in their own bustling schedules to keep me around. How could we presumably leave this? So we decided to try again, see if we could conduct a balance of everything.

Soon after, The Big University called to discuss it me of a demise of a program. They ultimately gave me usually what we needed.

So now, here we am, doubly dedicated to this extraordinary organisation of people: a group here during Life, everyone during Matador Network as well as all of you, a Matador community. we am so propitious to be here with we as well as beholden for all we have since me, since us over a final year.

What Happened At Matador Life in 2010?

2010 was a illusory year for us. Our group has grown. Some of your a one preferred articles made their ways to tip spots upon Digg. Weve been interviewed by a BBC as well as seen a audience expand to include all sorts of people of all ages from all over a world.

We developed two new series.

The Love In a Time Of Matador series, or mLove, as we affectionately call it, explores a becoming different styles of adore as well as attribute for people who see things usually a bit differently, for whom staying in a single place or loving usually a single person is no longer a given.

As with love, career is also inaugural upon peoples minds. The normal jobs which used to bring income as well as prestige doctor, lawyer, banker no longer reason a same weight or stability. So we developed Howd You Get That Gig, interviews with people who have carved out a niche for themselves starting beyond a expected as well as ordinary. We ask questions not usually so we can wonder during during what these people do though also listen to how they found their jobs as well as careers, paving a approach for we to do something similar, should we so choose.the collect writer

We wish your stories. Photo by JohnONolan

Whats New In 2011?

Any loyal traveler knows which where we came from shapes your journey. This is where we turn to all of we to discuss it us about your origins as well as influences.

We wish to listen to your home town narratives, flourishing up narratives as well as personal experiences of growth both upon a highway or wherever we settle. Do we have a one preferred recipes youve schooled along a way? Have we schooled important lessons about how to hoop stress, depression, lonesomeness or anything else which has overwhelmed your lives?

We wish to listen to your home town narratives, flourishing up narratives as well as personal experiences of growth both upon a highway or wherever we settle.

These are usually a little of a subjects we will cover in essay as well as photos in this entrance year.

These days are overwhelming. Everything changes so fast technology, economy, health care, leadership, even a make up of a planet shakes us as well as changes a human landscape. Change, though, offers a wealth of event as well as choice never prior to seen.

We wish to provide we with ideas as well as impulse to navigate this dauntless new world of ours as well as sense how to face a frustrations, obstacles as well as challenges as we move into a destiny in which anything is possible.

Now lets get to it!

Community Connection

Is there anything else youd like to see added to Life? Share in a comments!