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Ain't No Party Like a Helipad Party

6 Great Drug-Induced Creations

Photo: Mr Michael Phams Rich Stupart profiles some dope results of drug use in history. [Editor's note: We do not condone the use of illegal substances. This is for entertainment purposes only.]

FACT: Drug use has occasionally been responsible for inspiring people to high levels of achievement. There are lots of examples in music and works of art, but the likes of LSD and cocaine have also resulted in radical breakthroughs in science and some famous works of literature. These are some of them.ReligionCreated by early man all over the world, using audiodriving and psychadelics.Many groups around the world have long practiced drug-induced or drug-like experiences as a way of accessing a mental world that is invisible to the normally conscious self. While some indigenous American groups would use tobacco and fasting to induce this trance state, others would use psychoactive drugs (peyote anyone?) found in nature to explore this other world. The San of Southern Africa, for example, would…

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Looking for Magic in the Cards

Megan Wood turns to the tarot deck to provide some answers. Photo: queercatkitten I NEEDED A PLACE to clear my head. To find some space to think and breathe. I booked a ticket to Baja, Mexico and packed a small bag containing only the essentials: a bikini and my tarot cards. I would stay at a friends secluded yoga resort an hour outside of Cabo, built in the desert on the Pacific Ocean. I found exactly what I needed. Organic meals, daily meditation, the soothing crash of ocean waves. I felt peaceful and centered, physically and mentally. Perfect for some quality time with my tarot deck. I walked down to the secluded beach, gathered my thoughts, and pulled a random card. I am supposed to start graduate school this month. I moved to New York City, enrolled in classes, applied for student loans, and convinced myself that this was the right decision. Yet, I keep imagining myself as a travel writer, a childhood dream I have dabbled in for the past year but not fully committed myself to. I se…

Kowloon: On the Helipad and Inside the China Clipper Lounge at The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong

Auckland Airport Tests Full Body Scanners, But Not for Security's Sake

Chicago : Chicago's O'Hare Airport Got Virgin America, Now Working on Getting Amtrak Too

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Notes on the Importance of Connection

Photo: xlordashx Sunday. 11 AM. Time for church. IT WAS MY last day in New York last summer. I was in Park Slope on 7th Ave, waiting for the copy center to open so I could print my Megabus ticket to Toronto for that night. I had nothing to do and no money to spend (Id spent the last of my US dollars on a chocolate bar). I crossed the street to sit on the church steps. The doors were open and without thinking I entered[Note: The following is hastily scribbled notes that I just found saved in my Drafts folder of my email. I've left them untouched.]***Walk in to hear the end of a girl speaking into the microphone. Scattered attendees around the pews. Lots of empty space. Take a seat as far back as possible, right at the edge of the bench for an easy escape. I find myself hoping that they dont close the doors when the service starts. Photo: RubyGoes Lady sits at the pipe organ elevated above the congregation and starts playing. Three pre-teen girls sit on the stage in big wooden chairs. …

Photo Essay: Inspirational Yoga Around the World

Pictures from around the world to inspire you to get on the mat. Yoga is a holistic experience, balancing for the mind, the body, the soul, and the heart. It is a metaphor for life and the universe we inhabit. Perhaps fitting then, that rather than in a studio, these shots are taken outside, close to nature, and grounded in the earth.1.Upward Salute Urdhva Hastasana. Photo by mikebaird 2.Tree Pose Vrksasana. Photo by kaibara87 3.Full Lotus Pose Padmasana. Photo by jhoc 4.Warrior III Pose Virabhadrasana III.. Photo by Andrew Kalat 5.Firefly Pose Tittibhasana. Photo by lmpicard 6.Another Full Lotus Pose Padmasana Photo from Lululemon Athletica 7.Shoulderstand Pose Salamba Sarvangasana.. Photo from Lululemon Athletica 8.Warrior II Pose Virabhadrasana II.. Photo by a4gpa 9. Bound Side Angle Pose Baddha Utthita Parsvakonasana. Photo from Lululemon Athletica 10. Handstand Variation Adho Mukha Vrksasana . Photo by lmpicard 11.Lifted! Turtle Pose Dvi Pada Sirsasana. Photo by mariachily 12.H…

Boeing Reveals One of Its First 747-8 Jumbo Jets to The Public

Now is The Time Those Engaged on Valentine's Day Begin Googling for Honeymoons

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Ryanair Embraces YouTube, But Only to Mock Past and Future Customers

What Makes a Moment Romantic, Anyway?

Photo: Ed Yourdon An email thread between the Matador team raises an interesting question. MY FAVOURITE moments of Valentines Day go back to my elementary school days, when we used to make little cards, have envelopes taped to the front of our desks, and put the cards inside other kids envelopes. It was a great ego boost back then. On the other hand, it must have been terrible for those kids that had empty envelopes (there were some I remember). Now that I think of it, what a horrible exercise.Photo: breekp Anyway, I was sucked into the whole thing in my teenage years (I had a girlfriend all throughout highschool incidentally, if youre a teenager in a serious relationship, get out now. Its not the time.), celebrating Valentines Day with teddy bears, chocolates, and heart-shaped pendants. Eventually I came to the realization that its a rather silly day. Why do we need a dedicated day to show our partner that he/she is loved? Shouldnt everyday be Valentines Day?In a group email thread am…