Best Nude Beaches in the World, Volume 2

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The strange edition sparked so much debate between readers which we had to revisit a subject, adding twenty some-more of a most appropriate unclothed beaches anywhere.

[Editor's note: This list is formed roughly wholly upon reader comments from a strange post, Best Nude Beaches in a World.]

1. Leucate Plage, France

France is where it all started, as great as Leucate Plage is a single of a classics. A kilometers worth of comfortable Mediterranean H2O as great as golden sand, with a view of a Pyrenees rising to a west.

Naturism is great determined here, with dual nudist resorts sharing a beach along with a campground.

Nudist beach couple

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2. Abric Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In 2003, a anathema upon nakedness was lifted after 10 years, bringing naturists during a back of in force to Rios usually official unclothed beach, Praia do Abric.

These days, a beach has a own naturist association to assistance safeguard which a right to frame skivvies is preserved, as great as which visitors handle in a way befitting a place dedicated to a giveaway as great as loose.

3. Uretiti Beach, Northland, New Zealand

Just north of Waipu, this section of beach along Bream Bay is strictly designated clothing optional. People seem to similar to it as much for a name as anything else.

Sites have been available usually internal during a beach campground for $8/adult. Youll have to chuck a little garments upon prior to walking during a back of to your tent, though. Dont wish a family campers to freak.

4. Formentera Island, Spain

Ibiza would be an viewable pick for a little exposed sun time. But those after something a bit mellower should bound a boat as great! as cond uct six miles south to a smaller Formentera Island.

A new packet line from a mainland has increasing visitorship, yet Formentera is still chiller than a celebration sister to a north. And nearly all of a white-sand beaches have been set in reserve for a bare.

Banana Beach, Greece

Photo: linmtheu

5. Sandy Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Sandy Bay qualifies as an unaccepted yet widely famous nudist hangout. Gawkers have been somewhat limited, as a a 20-minute travel from a parking lot upon wooden boardwalks over a vegetated dunes. The plateau subsidy it yield added seclusion.

Given a right conditions, theres a decent beach mangle here as well. Youll probably wish to chuck upon a wetsuit, yet these Southern Hemisphere waters have been chilly.

6. Lighthouse Beach, New York, USA

Reader Joel Ax endorsed this a single in a comments of a strange piece, saying:

There have been multiform unclothed beaches upon Fire Island. In further to a famous unclothed beaches, watchful nakedness is often used upon isolated stretches of silt in in between towns.

By car: State Pkwy to Robert Moses Causeway (Exit 40) south. Go to end, follow Robert Moses State Park signs. Bear left during trade circle, park in Field 5. Walk 1/2 mile along beach, or go to easterly finish of lot as great as begin upon boardwalk nature trail.

7. Bellevue Beach, Klapenburg, Denmark

Just opposite a sound from Sweden, as great as usually 6 miles north of Copenhagen, this sandy beach is renouned with young people from Denmark as great as elsewhere in northern Europe.

Expect bare-assed crowds in summer.

Arambol, Goa

Photo: chudo.sveta

8. Arambol Beach, Goa, India

No shocker which folks have been stripping down in a place similar to Go! a. Aramb ol doesnt see as most takers as it once did, yet a still a renouned spot.

North of Goa, there have been essentially dual beaches here, a larger as great as some-more often visited being Harmal. The smaller can usually be reached by feet Im guessing this is a preference spot.

9. Swanbourne Beach, Perth, Australia

Perths usually unclothed beach is unaccepted yet still great to go. There have been a couple of caveats, though, according to a folks during

The unclothed section of Swanbourne is a couple of hundred metres north of a family area. Mix these dual up as great as we could be in large trouble!

There is a single some-more small thing. There is a live purloin range during a back of a dunes, so youll need some-more than 30+ sunscreen to protect your privates upon firing days.

10. Porto Ferro, Alghero, Italy

At a northwest tip of a Italian island of Sardinia, Porto Ferro is a renouned stop upon a Mediterranean nudist cruise circuit.

11. Blooming Point, Prince Edward Island, Canada

They say a Canadian Maritimes have a warmest H2O upon a East Coast north of Virginia. Heres a great place to exam which theory.

To get to Blooming Point, conduct easterly out of Charlottetown upon Highway 2. After 18km or so, hang a left upon Blooming Point Rd as great as demeanour for signs for a beach.

12. Skiathos Island, Greece

On a islands southwest shore, there have been 3 curving, golden-sand beaches which make up a aptly declared Banana Beach. The dual smaller of a 3 have been pretty much 100% nudist.

Skiathos is over up a Aegean seashore than some-more famous islands similar to Santorini as great as is not a partial of a Cyclades.

Nude beach family

Photo: diluvi

13. Meco Beach, Portugal

An easy expostulate south from Lisbon (~40km), Praia do Meco has been nudist-friendly given a 70s. ! Beach-le ft is where we should head, as a right side is some-more of a family area.

The surf can be great during Meco if a breeze kicks up, as great as a also a renouned mark between a happy community.

14. Les Calanques, Cassis, France

Les Calanques, nearby Marseilles, comes pleasantness of Brave New Traveler editor Carlo Alcos:

Not your typical beach (well, not unequivocally a beach during all), it is a series of inlets carved out by rocky limestone cliffs. Take a travel along a trailtop as great as pop down to any number of platforms for a little sunbathing as great as entrance to a water.

There is zero official, yet it is clear which parts have been unclothed as great as which arent. Find yourself your own little height as great as frame down to your birthday suit. You can find privacy if we like, divided from alternative sunbathersof course, a traveller boats which spasmodic cruise by may mangle thatjust wave.

15. Contadora Island, Panama

The Archipelago of Las Perlas is tucked in to a large half-circle brook upon Panamas Pacific coast. And during a north of which archipelago lies a little Isla Contadora.

Despite a islands diminutive size, there have been multiform beaches as great as traveller accommodations. Naturists wish Playa Suecas, upon a southwest corner. You wont find an official mark to disrobe anywhere else in a country.

16. Brighton Beach, England

There have been reports of a pervy element here, yet a folks during British Naturism still welcome this stretch of pebbly beach in southeastern England.

They hold a feeble attended yet brash recruitment session here upon a inclement Aug day in 2008.

Negril, Jamaica

Photo: gemineo (busy, busy)

17. 7 Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica

This stretch of silt (only four miles long, not seven) in a distant west of a island is home to multiform top-end resorts whic! h cater to an au naturel clientele.

By law, all beach areas have been open property, so youre welcome to pitch with a high rollers down by a water.

18. Vera Playa, Spain

This nudist zone upon a Costa Almeria includes 2.5km of beach, hundreds of in isolation residences, a 4-star hotel, as great as multiform restaurants. It bills itself as mainland Europes usually all-year-round naturist resort, yet theres no price to strut it upon a beach here.

And, distinct alternative destinations upon this list, Vera Playa encourages visitors to keep it unclothed off a beach as well.

19. Lokrum Island, Croatia

The proximity of Lokrum to Dubrovnik (just opposite a water) makes it generally popular. Catch a quick packet from a Old Town as great as then keep an eye out for a FKK signs, denoting a nudist beach.

Its some-more rocks than silt here, so we might consider buying a foam mat from a single of a vendors.

20. Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico

Culturally regressive Mexico doesnt yield as well most places to free-skin it, yet Zipolite is a single of them. Well, technically a bootleg given all beaches have been government-owned as great as Tio Samuel doesnt acquit nudity. But, we know

Look for fellow naturists during a distant finish of a beach. And be clever swimming a undertow is reported to be fierce.

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