Frankfurt: Back by Popular Demand: More Time-lapse and Tilt-shift Video on the Tarmac

We traveled to the city of Frankfurt (Germany) Frankfurt, apart from being the city of banks and money is a very beautiful city.

My family, it comes from there so I have the privilege to go from time to time. The people are very friendly and helpful. The only bad thing about this country is the weather. In winter you can see temperatures up to 25 ° with heavy frost and snow, but in summer it is fine weather although they are accustomed to reach a maximum of 20 °, so when we see the "guiris" coming from Germany try to take the most time Enjoying the good temperatures we have. The food is not as good as the one we have in Spain. Most of the food is pre-cooked, the meat is not as good as here, but the novelty is you can find! Coke of different flavors! Like cherry and vanilla. It has a lot of nature and has large fields. It is a good destination to travel!


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